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Architecture / Installation

Move Tiki from subfolder to root

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I installed Tiki in a subfolder /whatever and configured it a bit.
Now I have a dedicated hosting and the subfolder is no longer necessary.
So I moved the files to the root and the website actually works.
Problem is related to images and other stuff, which have maintained the old /whatever folder as an absolute path in the html output.
I did a search and replace in all files, nothing really changed, everything is stored in the DB.
I have found nothing on the web relating this issue which is strange.. is it possible I am the only one?
Initially I thought it would have been a matter of just a config value, which is clearly not.
The pages are saved in the database as a blob text, not at all easy to search and replace every reference to the subfolder.
Is there some cool way to do it without reinstalling everything and starting from scratch? Am I missing something?

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If everything is stored in the database, there shouldn't be a problem. Check the source of the missing images (that is, what is the image address — URL — that Tiki is trying).

Be sure to clear all the Tiki caches and rebuild the indexes.


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Thank you, the problem seems to be solved.
I actually unchecked the minified css and js options, that were also cached.
I was indeed missing something easy ^^'