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File Page View is pulling wrong file to view in one File Category

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Tiki 16.1
php 5.6 (innoDB)
Theme: Utopia

I hope some Tiki gurus can help me in this dilemma. I have one file gallery among many named "Administrative". All the galleries are functioning fine but for this one gallery "Administrative"


The "Administrative" gallery works fine when the files are listed in alphabetical order, ascending.
When "Administrative" file gallery is opened, and when the "Name" column is clicked on, to organize the files by "Name" for descending values from z to a, the files "Page View" feature views the wrong file.
When the file is hovered over, the correct file appears, but when the "Page View" is used, the wrong file is displayed.

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I created an unlisted video to show you what I am seeing. You'll see at first, the default listing of "Administrative" works fine.
Then when I re-order the files by "Name" to display from z to a, is when the issue arises.
The video is one and a half minutes long, thanks for taking the time to see it and hopefully provide me with some follow up information.

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In addition I have cleared tiki cache, and I have reindexed files to no effect. Thanks again for any feedback.

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Upon closer examination, it has effected the other galleries as well.
As long as the gallery is left in default state, the "View page" works fine. But if you change the order, such as order by name, or creation date, the gallery is in bad shape. The "View page" is different than what the actual file is. Thanks for any suggestions.

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I will do that, thanks!
I did try to recreate on a test instance with no luck in duplicating the issue. But I'll file a report.