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Using WIKI as part of a myBB forum

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Hi, Newbie here both to the community and to Tiki.

I run a myBB based forum site and want to use the Wiki part of Tiki as my wiki engine on it as the myBB plugins for this are fairly rubbish. I've heard of others doing this but can't immediately find any resources as to how you implement it.

Could someone please throw me some ideas or links? I've installed Tiki onto my server and it's sitting quite comfortably alongside the myBB SQL already there.

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Hi Rockingit
How far do you want to integrate Tiki into BB? Or are you asking for information on single sign in?

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I think to start with it should be OK just to have a single, anonymous login.

My guess is that I just need to create a page with a simple HTML call to open the relevant section of Tiki?

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Single sign in is on my todo list, but above my paygrade. When I do decide to do it, I'll have to get a dev to do it for me. I am running https://invisionpower.com/ software for our forums and tiki for our wiki.

But at this point they are completely separate. About the only integration I'll be doing at this point is displaying a link that says "Wiki" which you can see at this url http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/ top left navigation tabs "Wiki". You can hover over the tab Wiki, and see a list of categories, or you can click on Wiki and it'll take you to the tiki instance we are running. Our tiki is currently being developed but open for viewing.

I am thinking about having our wiki completely open, no login necessary but I am not sure how or if I can have that without spam.

I am interested in your case here as well, I'll keep checking in to see if you made any progress. I wish I had more for ya.

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Do we think that this method is likely to work simply by pointing to the relevant SQL tables?
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Rick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties wrote:
I don't believe there is an off-the-shelf integration for myBB. There is an integration for phpBB, however. Please see the docs for details.

Hi Rick

the phpBB integration appears to be broken, this was reported in the forum a while back and I have experienced it on the latest version 20.x

Pls. see here