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Assigning Default Image or File Display

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I seem to remember somewhere in my control panel a setting that allows me to assign the defaults for how an image is displayed in a wiki page. So when a user uploads the image, it auto shows with a border as thumb and whatever size I want the default to be.

For example, there was a filed in the control panel somewhere where I could enter:

{thumb="box" responsive="y" align="left" stylebox="border" metadata="view"}

And any image shown in the wiki would have those attributes assigned already.

Can someone direct me please to where this area is I can change the default display?

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There it is!!!!!!
Thanks so much Rick, I was looking in the wrong place, in the general settings for file galleries, not the specific file gallery settings.
THanks sir!

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I did notice that it only works when choosing image from gallery, but will not work when uploading a new file. Is there a way to assign defaults to newly uploaded images and files?

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