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1) How can I get notified when someone replies to my messages on tikiwiki.org?
2) If I'm not allowed to edit posts, why do the delete and edit icons appear?
3) When I try to edit the post, why am I not at least warned that editing is disabled?

posts: 96 Romania

Duh, sorry. I think I figured the answer to the first question redface

4) When can I find someone in the IRC channel so I can get to ask the developers some questions?

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I don't know what you're talking about at 2) and 3).
About 4), pretty much anytime ;)

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2) Could be to do with cache issues

3) Editing posts in tiki is more of a moderator function.

The Tiki forums will probably get another overhaul soon. Oneofmany has some good ideas and Id like to throw some into the arena also.