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Architecture / Installation

Re : Tracker Item Sort Error

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Hi Thorsten,
I saw this if fixed in HEADrazz
I tried but abandonned to get it owkring on BRANCH-1-8. The link generated in tiki-view_tracker.php is wrong (the sortmode misses the field indication. The problem seems to be in the Smarty template around this part :
href="tiki-view_tracker.php?{if $status}status={$status}&{/if}trackerId={$trackerId}&offset={$offset}&sort_mode=f_{if $sort_mode eq 'f_'|cat:$fields[ix].fieldId|cat:'_asc'}{$fields[ix].fieldId|escape:"url"}_desc{else}{$fields[ix].fieldId|escape:"url"}_asc{/if}">{$fields[ix].name|truncate:255:"..."|default:" "}
That's from HEAD. 1.8 CVS reads :
href="tiki-view_tracker.php?status={$status}&find={$find}&trackerId={$trackerId}&offset={$offset}{section name=x loop=$fields}{if $fields[x].value}&{$fields[x].name}={$fields[x].value}{/if}{/section}&sort_mode={if $sort_mode eq $fields[x].name|escape:'url'|cat:'_desc'}{$fields[x].name|escape:"url"}_asc{else}{$fields[x].name|escape:"url"}_desc{/if}">{$fields[ix].name}
There are important differences, and although I can't guarantee only the template is wrong, it's possible that taking enough time one can fix it by checking the differences more carefully than me.

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