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Architecture / Installation

Error at sending email from testmail and new users login vs. 17.1

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Dear Forum members,

Just upgraded from versie 15.1 to 17.1 to see if the latest version will have fixed the error with sending email from the area 'admin test' and new registration for users who have to receive their email.

The server is running ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS with PHP 5.6 and the next mailtest.php will send the email correct to the outside world.

In the attachement you can see the error in the log, everything on php nivo must be working because the correct message with the php test file.

The small test file:

So in short - ugrade from version 15.1 to 17.1 will not give a working situation for me.
Is their anyone who had the same problem ?

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The solution is simple !

Remove the 'sendmail engine' (purge all the files ! ) and replace this with the latest 'postfix engine' on Ubuntu.
Leave the line's early made in php.ini the same.

Now you will see that the email is going out.

Everythig works now !!

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Hi Eric,
he he, doesn't sound that "simple" but glad you figured that out and thanks for posting your solution! It might help others too! :-)