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Architecture / Installation

Re: Duplicate current installation into another folder: any tutorial?

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copy all files to the new folder or install a fresh copy. Question: where’s the config file, where I will update the database settings?

''I would just copy your existing installation to a new folder.
The database settings are at public_html/db/local.php''

export the existing database and import into the new one

Yes that is correct

copy all embedded files if any (none in my case). Question: where are those files supposed to be stored?

I would not even worry about it, just copy the contents of the original install over the to the new folder you'll be fine, and I never worried about the embeds, I just figured wherever they are, they'd come over too with the rest of it

check the rights. Question: which rights on which folders?

To setup the proper permissions, shell up to your installation directory, and use sh setup.sh and all the folder permissions will be properly applied. If you are just copying over your old instance to the new folder, then you won't have to worry about permissions, the perms should carry over, if you run a new instance, you can use sh setup.sh

launch the new instance

Yes! At yoururl.com/tiki-install.php

Hope this helps.