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Dear folks, I am in a conundrum here, I uploaded an article image assigned as "use own image". I then changed the image during an edit, but the image is still showing up in "View Articles" as the main article image.
I cannot seem to locate the image to delete from a directory, and I am not understanding how article images are stored?
Here is the path to the article image I wish to delete, and it does not make sense to me:

The link to the article view is http://thepatriotwoodworker.org/articles
The article titled "Our History" is the offending murderer. You'll see the wood bowl as the assigned image, but if you click on the article, you'll see our "logo", the patriot with the gun and saw. The logo is the correct assigned image for that article.

I went to the article at phpMYAdmin at my server CPanel, and looked for the article image, and it does not appear there either. I cleared cache and the image will not go away.
Are these assigned article images stored somewhere in a directory or?
Thanks for any help.

tiki v 17.1
theme: Utopia
db: InnoDB utf8_unicode_ci

posts: 731 United States
I fixed the issue by simply deleting the article and re-installing it, all is fine now, but I would still like to know where the assigned images for articles are stored, thanks!