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Architecture / Installation

Rewrite Base Directive Error Message

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Installing tiki on it's own domain with sefurl enabled, this issue does not appear, but if I install a tiki in a sub directory, acme.com/tiki with sefurl enabled,
Then I get this error message:

The RewriteBase directive seems not to be set up correctly. This is required for sefurl to function correctly.
The current value in .htaccess is / but the base url for this site is /main/

I have followed instructions for enabling sefurl by renaming _htaccess to .htaccess without success, and I have modified per the error message and .htaccess to:

# If Tiki is installed in a subdirectory of the web root, then customize and enable it below.
    RewriteRule ^(.+[^/])/$  /main/HomePage [R=301,L]

/main/ is the subdirectory in the root where tiki is installed.

this occurres with tiki 17 and 18

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Little help please? Just a little? biggrin
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Hi John,
what you are looking for in .htaccess is RewriteBase, not RewriteRule directive. Modify the RewriteBase only to /main/.

HTH, luci

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That did it, thanks Luci!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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