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Features / Usability

Half of H5P Apps Not Functioning

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A bug was submitted by another user at https://dev.tiki.org/item6516

While working on my own H5P plugins I ran across this associated bug while creating Image Hostpots. Please see screen shot, the left capture shows text where a graphical interface should be Hotspot Color and Hotspot Position, the screen shot on the right shows the proper graphical interface for selecting hostpots and other features. The H5P plugins are run on two different tiki sites, the screenshot on the right is from a tiki17 website, and screen shot on the left is from our tiki18 site.
Hotspots H5p Issues

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Thanks, i see it now... something broke in the upgrade for 18.x - i'm afraid it won't make it into 18.0 (on Monday hopefully) but i should get it fixed for 18.1... i hope!

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Thanks Jonny, well, for a huge app that made it into tiki, and all the bluster and promotions about it, it sure didn't last long did it! biggrin

When H5P first became integrated into Tiki17, I was so impressed and thrilled and I even pushed Tiki over on the H5P forums! lol


Hey, crap happens, you guys are doing a fantastic job in the war room, keep up the great work! I wish I could do more, but unfortunately all I can do is complain and file bug reports.