Theme Request: Yellow, Red & Black

Hi all,

I'm having quite some difficulties editing either the flatly or yeti themes to conform to our colour scheme. We need our Tiki 18.0 website to look something like this;

2018 02 22 15 09 28 Geek.Zone   Welcome

I don't mind if it is a child theme of flatly or yeti. We need the following;

ElementHex ColorEnglish Color
Header Navbar#ffff00Yellow
Selected Navbar menu button background#000000Black
Navbar text#ff0000Red
Title text#ff0000Red
Banner background (eg cookie notification)#ff0000Red
Banner text#ffffffWhite
Button Background#ff0000Red
Button Text#ffffffWhite
Login Box#ffffffWhite (no change on focus)

I think everything else should be satisfactory as is, however, if I have missed any then I will gladly provide clarification.

GeekZone is a charity so needs to be careful with its funds, but I am more than happy to pay a reasonable amount to someone that can provide this child theme or theme option.




Hi James,

This is right up my alley so I'd be happy to help you out on this. You can email me at gary at zukakakina.com and we can make arrangements.

-- Gary