Change default styles when editing articles


Dear Community,

I'm a newbie to wiki and wonder how I can change default styles when creating/editing articles. For example, Title 1 style in my current theme looks "large + black", I'd like to change the font, smaller size and red.

Is there any template CSS file I should edit for this? From the wiki core or from the theme?

Thanks in advance for any help!


You can add your CSS rules in the "Custom CSS" input area under the Look & Feel admin page's customization tab (tiki-admin.php?page=look#contentadmin_look-5). These CSS rules will override the Tiki default and theme rules. You can use your browser's web tools/DOM inspector to check exactly what CSS is currently applied to the part of the page you want to change.

-- Gary


Thanks Gary! Unfortunately I don't really know how to find the exact style currently applied to the element: any link on a tuto?

Thanks for your support!

Thanks Wiebe! I'm done now and successfully updated the theme CSS!