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Re: Regressions Piling Up

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Bernard and Gary, thank you for the response.

Just to get this out of the way "So, I encourage you to join us."
I am sorry Bernard, I have mulled this over often and I just cannot commit to anything else at this time in life, I have my own online community and charity organization I volunteer countless hours too, and to make any further commitments would be committing suicide to my sanity.
But, I do try to be on the forums here as much as I can to help others, I do report bugs, and I try to welcome the new members as I can, that level of participation is what I am comfortable with at this time.

My frustration mainly lies in the fear of upgrading anymore. Sure I have backups, and if something goes horribly wrong I fall back on the backup, no problems, but working with Tiki is like a roller coaster, something wonderful is developed, but it seems sometimes with that wonderful development two items are no longer functioning.
I realize this is a free software, and it is hard to complain, or rock the boat, for something free, but hey, you guys took on this monumental task, freely of choice too!
I know with my own volunteer project that I created in 2010, since then I have volunteered thousands of hours to it, taking time away from kids, wife, and family, of course they come first but sometimes we do have conflicts, so I completely understand the stress or pressures you all are facing as well. One thing I promised myself when I created my online all volunteer project, is I would never throw it back in the face of anyone who critiqued the project, by stating "hey it's free, what are you complaining about?". To this day I treat every user of my "Open Source" project like they are a paid customer.

That being said, I have a Tiki installation that I have spilled countless hours into, I understand Tiki is a CMS, but one of it's primary functions is a Wiki. What I don't get, is that when a new version of Tiki is rolled out, a huge, main, big, primary feature is errored, and non functional, such as my latest bug report of the "Citation, or Footnote, or Reference" not functioning, mainly the "Sameas" referencing functions. In any wiki, the "citation or references" are the mainstay of that wiki.
What I am getting at, is something as big as that, I would have thought the developers would fix that immediately, but it is still broken.
H5P, a huge application and improvement to Tiki, one of the flagship additions to Tiki that make Tiki just more completely awesome, no longer functions, or half of it functions, it's been down for quite awhile now, and after it was pushed and promoted and we almost had a parade over the implementation of H5P, and a worthy addition it was, but it is barely functional now and no plans in the near future to fix it from the last answer I got.

I know this is free software, but is it really? Is it free if it causes stress, or worry if an upgrade is applied something else will break? Is it free if you have to spend countless hours tracking down causes and effects?

I know you guys are doing the best you can, but when a new user loads up their wiki on their shared hosting environment and runs into these issues, how frustrated they must be when things just don't work. A basic issue that still isn't fixed and has been reported in bugs, is the flagship theme for tiki "Fivealive", still can't see the admin links in that theme at the header area, that is probably going to be the first theme our new users use as it's the theme Tiki.org uses. But the theme will leave the new user frustrated and confused, and they'll probably just leave. For all the greatness Tiki is, there are a whole lot of bugs that remain, and never seem to get fixed, because of this schedule you all are adhering too, I get the need to keep up with the times, but it has it's consequences. Perhaps this is not the best venue to display my feelings on this, but hey, most of my inquiries seem to go unanswered elsewhere so here we are.
I mixed feelings about my Tiki, do I cut my loses, or do I keep piling on more countless hours into trouble shooting my tiki instead of building it.

Those are my feelings guys, sorry if they ruffle feathers.