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Re: Modify Tracker Item, Item Auto Updates in Page

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Thanks Bernard, that is what I am talking about, I would like to be able to modify tracker, and the associated page updates.
And/or, can I somehow have a user modify by form?

Here is a link to tracker items: http://thepatriotwoodwiki.org/tracker1

Here is a link to page created by one of the tracker items: http://thepatriotwoodwiki.org/James-Krenov

Here is a link to form that is used to create the tracker items for "Notable People Past" : http://thepatriotwoodwiki.org/notable+people+past.form

For example, "James Krenov" tracker item. If I modify "Birth date" at the tracker, the change does not reflect on the page that was created by the entries made by form for that tracker.

Thanks for any help on this Bernard, appreciate it much.