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Re: Modify Tracker Item, Item Auto Updates in Page

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Luci, I went ahead and followed your suggestion above, and thank you completely for laying out a working example for me!
I attempted to create a wiki page Tage Frid, and I am getting a syntax error from the infobox call that is supposed to display tracker info.
Can you please see this page at http://thepatriotwoodwiki.org/Tage-Frid
And can you please recommend how I correct that error?
Thanks so much Luci,

EDIT: Ok, so I was able to fix it, the infobox was missing the trailing div for it to display correctly, I simply failed to leave the infobox intact when I deleted the rest of that .tpl.
So, I now also see the genius in the having a separate template to display tracker items, I was able to simply go back to the .specimen template, and add the {DIV} at the end of the infobox syntax and the infobox in the actual project page was updated as well. This is completely awesome, so now in the future, all I need to do to modify an element that displays tracker information in a page is to modify the .specimen template, and it will update all pages that contain that template call.
I now understand what you all were saying above, thanks so much guys, all of ya, thanks.

EDIT: Ok, now I went to the actual tracker, and updated a field, and the tracker display in the wiki, updated as well, this is incredible that we got this working, thanks again guys. biggrin

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