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Tracker List Image Display Params Have No Effect

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Good day folks, the images in my tracker list are not displaying full width in the pretty template infobox, please see page at http://thepatriotwoodwiki.org/Samuel-Solomon-Maloof
You can see the image of Mr Maloof in the info box is displayed 220px per the gallery settings. But I want to over-ride the gallery settings and display the image wider, so I am setting the params at 400px in the tracker like this per the instructions:


But this has no effect on the image display. I have tried "Max Width" too in the tracker form but no effect with that either, any help is greatly appreciated, I did search and find this, but nothing here seemed to work either.

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Hi John,

Quick view on you page source show that x and y parameters are passed with the image url (src="dl60?display&x=220&y=106") and then another width parameter at 220px.

If I remove them both the image displays properly (on desktop, it certainly need extensive check).

Screen Shot 2018 05 18 At 08.55.01

It is a long time I didn’t use pretty template and tracker parameter (You know already I use the plugin list and for image the file fields ;) ) but you should try find from where those parameter are set and remove them.

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Bernard, the img tag is rendered there by the tracker render (or PluginTrackerlist code), not put by John in a template.

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Hi again!

If you can create a user for me on your site I can have a look but I suspect it might be possible the params set on the field are not passed to the PluginTrackerlist in the end :-/ Alternative is to use list_view=n (that should use the larger image size intended for viewing of the item, not for the listing) or list_view=csv plugin param and create the img tag manually in the template as you had it before.


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Also maybe try to use width=400 instead of max?

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Thank you Bernard, indeed I am using PluginTrackerlist code
The size params are being passed by the global settings in "Gallery", what I need to do is over-ride those settings during tracker setup, but it seems nothing is working, I am unable to over-ride as I should be able to do. Thanks Bernard!

Luci, I created an admin account for you to look into, I appreciate that. I sent you the login information at the email I have on file for you.
Thanks again

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Luciash, I understood that John didn’t set (directly at least) those parameters, but they are coming from somewhere.

That’s why I wrote:
"but you should try find from where those parameter are set and remove them." ;)

John, do you mean you have those width="220px" and height="106" set somewhere (global settings in "Gallery") ?

I see the File field has an override parameter:
Max. image width
Leave blank to use selected gallery default setting or enter value in px to override gallery settings

This one is not working ? (check in the tracker itself first)
May be a bug then...

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OK, fixed it. It works. The img params are being taken from the tracker field options to override file gallery settings correctly, but two things were slightly wrong:

  1. John had the params set including the double quotes "" in the field option
  2. he had placed them in the "Display parameters" option, but it has to be actually on the following "Display parameters for lists" option as by default PluginTrackerlist behaves in listing the items mode, not the viewing one item mode


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Thank you all here, thanks for all your help.
Now that we are using trackers effectively and properly, thanks to this discussion, my whole world opened up again with Tiki, your help has been invaluable, thanks all!

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Gents, along these same lines or issue, I would like to now display an image full size in the display page created by the tracker item.

So I am now uploading images or attaching images from a gallery, into a tracker field, then the image is being displayed within it's own page, but I cannot seem to get the image to display full size or at least larger. I have tried the Display Parameter in the Files field for the tracker.
If you have the time, please see my .tpl for the display page:

The .info for the tracker fields:

The .form for the user interface:

Here is one page created by my tracker to create a page for a file:

The image of the chair I would like to display full size, but the display params in the tracker field "file" do not seem to be having any effect, and I know it's because I am using it incorrectly based on this original topic.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Hello (and merry Christmas),

Seems you have many parameter that tells the image to stay small. :-)

Switch from image 2 to image 1 to see the screenshot

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Good morning Bernard, and Merry Christmas!
The first image in your attachment is not displaying, but I did see the second image relating to the infobox.

So that second image of Sam Maloof, is a different tracker and pretty template, telling that image to be that size.

The tracker and pretty template for the chairs is a completely different tracker and set of templates, am I able to control image size with individual trackers and templates? Or does the size cross over to the rest of the system?
Thanks for your response Bernard.

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I think the size for the tracker may also be allied here.

If you look at your browser developper tools you can play and change some of the styles and class.
You can see what is needed and not. We have the last Tiki Open Office Hour session this Thursday... Wanna join ? ;)