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Re: Is version 19 not ready for prime time

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Phil, new versions in Tiki may take awhile to get the bugs worked out, the developers seem to be working hard on that right now based on all the bug reports they are working on. I would give Tiki 19 awhile myself before jumping on board, that being said, Tiki 18 seems to be much more stable and ready for Prime Time, I have been using it and I am satisfied with it's performance, there a few buggy areas in 18 as well, but those areas are specialty areas such as the HP5 plugin and a few of the graphic display features that are a tad outdated, and they are working on those as well. Tiki19 is a big jump in a good direction, they are moving to Bootstrap 4 for the themes among other things.

I would use Tiki18, give 19 a few months to get worked out, keep an eye on the bug report area at https://dev.tiki.org/Development to see how they are doing.