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Tracker Field Erorr Message Randomly Appears

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Throughout my Tiki18.3 php 7.1 I have had this pesky error appear after my 18.3 upgrade, the error shows up seemingly randomly, on any page it likes. No page is safe, the error states:

Field tracker_field_fieldname does not exist in the current index. Please check field permanent name and if you have any items in that tracker.

I have come to accept the random "Ajax error" that nobody can seem to deal with or get rid of through the upgrades, now this one is happening, thanks for any suggestions.


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Field tracker_field_fieldname does not exist in the current index

Sound to me like a copy paste of a sample code you grabbed on doc.tiki.org and you forget to change the "fieldname" attribute for the right permaname. You should find it easily on your page.

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posts: 676
Thanks Bernard for the direction. So it's something in the page that the error message shows up on, thanks.

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