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Features / Usability

Cool Graphic for Outside Links

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While perusing this page at https://dev.tiki.org/Farming-Automation

I noticed this:

Goals of Automation

  • Autonomous completion of tasks
  • Remote control (i.e. from Tiki site)
  • Swarm application (i.e. swarms in nature)
    • i.e. all drones connected (via code) and working as one unit in real time

The neat feature I am talking about for some reason is not showing here in this topic, but I noticed at the link for "swarms in nature" there is a little circle icon when hovered, displays the links source, in this case "wikipedia". How do you get that little circle to appear before the link?
Thanks folks

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Hi John,

This was implemented by luciash d' being 🧙 , using CSS. The file that contains the relevant CSS is here: https://themes.tiki.org/tiki-index_raw.php?page=Tiki_org_family_customizations_CSS. This wiki page is actually loaded as a CSS file, but if you can figure out which lines to use, you could add them as custom CSS. I'm sorry but I haven't actually looked at the file so can't be more helpful on that.

-- Gary

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Thanks Gary, so it's not as easy as turning something on in our tiki control panel I take it? biggrin