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Looking for user_bookmarks on 18.3

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I want to migrate my Tiki 12.14 to 18.3, and before I make a regular upgrade installation, I wanted to configure a small test wiki 18.3 the way I configured my 12.14.

But one thing I could not find: user_bookmarks. The module exists, in the full list of modules. But it says that it needs feature_user_bookmarks. But on the features control panel, I cannot find user_bookmarks anywhere to enable it...

Is it somewhere else, or has it been left out?

Thanks for helping

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Hi Oliver,

Try: Control Panels > User Settings > User Features > My bookmarks
Don't forget to set the correct permissions: Assign Global Permissions > tiki_p_create_bookmarks & tiki_p_cache_bookmarks


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Ah.I got it now. Thanks alot! Maybe I did not find it, because it does not start with "user" but with "my"...