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Blog feeds not visible

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I have a problem that Blog feeds module is not visible on my HomePage when visiting site as Anonymous user...

When I'm logged in the module is visible:

Blog Logged

My menu is defined as:


Content of HomePage wiki page is:

{bloglist Id="1" simpleList="n" wordBoundary="y" more="y" showIcons="y"}

When I visit the site as anonymous user it looks like:


but if I select some post from the list, the Blog feeds module is visible:


The module definition is:


Any clue what might be wrong?


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I have a similar issue with my User list and Forums. When I go to these pages I don't see any info (screenshots below). But the data is still in the SQL database so it still exists, it's just not displaying. Maybe a recent update to Chrome is preventing some pages from displaying properly?


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I was able to 'fix' my issue by changing the order of assigned modules in my sidebar, iow. if I re-order 'rsslist' module from 1st position to the 4th, then it's visible...don't know why, but for now I can live with it. biggrin

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Unfortunately I tried a few things, including changing the order of the assigned modules, without success. I still can't see the forum list and user list. Anyone have any ideas?