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Assigning Quick Permission to Anonymous for Single Object Failed

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Well, I used the "Quick Permissions" feature to assign open editing to anonymous for one wiki page only, and after doing so, my entire wiki is open to anonymous editing, everything. It's in a dangerous state right now unless I completely take it off line. And this action cannot be undone per the warning, which I was ok with as long as it was just that one wiki page, or single object. So now I have a wiki that is completely open to anonymous editing, and I cannot undo it.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Tiki 18.4svn

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Looks like I found a work around, I simply went to Global Permissions and unchecked all the permissions that were allocated during the Quick Perms session. So moral of the story, Quick Perms not ready for production yet, at least not on a Tiki 18

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I think it's the same thing Luci.
Here is a screen shot of the feature I tried to use, I think the issue is, I just don't know how to use it yet.
Quick Perms
Edit any wiki page, properties/permissions/quick permissions

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Ah, I see what is going on here! Be careful and always read the remarks boxes (alerts) with the notes. The above one clearly says you are editing global permissions. That is why when you applied that, it was affecting your whole Tiki. Perhaps it is a bit misleading that when you go there from the Edit mode properties tab, it directs you actually to the global ones while you thought you are editing Object ones (the wiki page).
Better disable that feature (Quick permissions) off again. ;-)
It also says in the alert box below it is an experimental feature and to be used with care...

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I feel it is a tad misleading and confusing. I would have thought that when you edit anything from the actual wiki page you are editing, only that wiki page would be effected. I was looking for anything that would let me edit only the perms for that wiki page, in the edit properties area for that page, yet there is nowhere that I can see you can assign perms for that page in the edit area for that page only.
Instead like you said, I had to go to the "More" tab to assign page perms, I never would have thought to go to the "More" tab, I only would have though to edit page and edit perms.

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Hmm, can you re-try where it actually leads you to? Because on this site it works as expected. The link goes to the wiki page (Object) permissions. Not to the global ones. So no idea how you got there...


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Yes, you are absolutely right, it does go there from wiki edit page, but try to go a step further, try to actually assign perms to that actual wiki page you are editing. I have not found a way to assign object permissions to the actual wiki page, without using your "More" button below.
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The other way (in addition to assigning permissions to each wiki page), would be to use a category:

  1. Create a category with your desired permissions.
  2. Assign the wiki pages to the category

This way, if you ever want to change the permissions, you only have to edit one category (instead of multiple pages).


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Thanks Rick, appreciate the heads up!

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Ok Rick, I did just that, assigned perms to a category, and worked like a dream, thanks again for the help!