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Annonymous Unable to View Info Box (trackerlist trackerId)

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Good day folks.
Since I tried the "Assign Quick Permissions to Object" feature and I attempted to revert it by removing global permissions for anonymous and re-assign (which seemed to work for the most part) I am now having issues with Anonymous being able to see the informational boxes that normally reside on the right side of wiki pages. I am assuming this is in permissions but I have tried a bunch of things and I just can't seem to find the correct permission to turn on in order for Anonymous to view my info box.

Please see screen shots of what a logged in user sees.

Please see screen shot of what Anonymous sees.

Is this a permission thing? To view the page and it's source please see this link: https://thepatriotwoodwiki.org/Butternut

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Seems I found the perm to add back to the global for Anonymous.

Can use the page as a template for a tracker or unified search (tiki_p_use_as_template)

If anyone can answer this question now, is this dangerous for Anonymous to be able to use as template? Considering Anonymous cannot change or modify anything in the wiki in all perms.

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Hi John,
no, this permission is safe and actually needed if you want Anonymous visitors to be able to see the stuff rendered by the template wiki page. The wiki page used as the template does not need to be viewable by Anonymous though.


PS: what is quick permissions? a module? I never used it...

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Thanks for the information Luci
If you go to any wiki page and edit, properties, permissions, quick permissions.
This I am assuming gives you the opportunity to assign permissions to a single wiki page? If you do use it, there is no going back if you read the warning statement.
Also, perhaps what I should have used is "Object Permissions" in order to give perms to a single page.

My goal is to assign open edit permissions to some pages for anonymous to edit, but not others, and I have not been able to get a grip on that.

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To assign individual permissions to some wiki page only you do it using the "More" > "Permissions" button below the wiki page (which brings you to the Object permissions).
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Luci, that did it, that worked, it was very simple, much simpler than going through the properties, tab at edit wiki page. Thanks so much!

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It is very confusing to add perms to one wiki page to one group, I have played with this for quite awhile now and I just don't see how to do it. Hmmm, perhaps a little clean up in the perms area is needed?