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Anonymous Editing Erased if Captcha is Wrong

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I have encountered what must be a very frustrating event for anonymous editors. In our wiki we have the captcha activated, so that when anonymous editors are done editing, they fill out the captcha, and submit their edits.
The problem is, if they get the captcha wrong (happens frequently as they are not always clear), a nice notification does appear stating You have mistyped the anti-bot verification code. Please try again.
Then you click on "Go Back" and Anonymous is directed back to the wiki page they were editing, and all their edits are completely gone.
If you are aware that is going to happen, they can copy the text before filling out the captcha, but on a first time basis, it would be a complete surprise to see your edits missing after a wrong captcha entry.

I think it would be good to have their edits preserved after a wrong captcha entry.

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I was unable to duplicate your issue on your site at https://thepatriotwoodwiki.org/Glossary-of-Woodworking-Terms

1. As Anonymous, I edited the page.
2. In the CAPTCHA field, I entered the wrong text and clicked Save.
3. On the You have mistyped... page, I clicked back.
4. On the edit page, I confirmed that my edits were still in there.
5. I then corrected the CAPTCHA and saved the page.

I also tested on demo.tiki.org and the edits were preserved, as expected.

Maybe you have a browser plugin that is not allowing you to save the edit?


- Rick | My Tiki Blog | My Tiki UserPage

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Rick, thanks so much for giving it a try. You are correct, must be something with the browser, I had not even thought of trying different browsers.
I tried the test with Google Chrome, and as you stated, it worked as expected.
I tried the test with Opera, and it worked as expected.

I performed the test with Firefox and it did not work as expected.
I performed the test with Edge and it did not work as expected.

If you are able, can you perform the test on your end with those browsers>

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Rick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties wrote:
Yup... same results for me.

So Rick, in your expert opinion, what could that mean? Browsers not compatible with Tiki, or Tiki not compatible with browsers?