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Architecture / Installation

Re: Tiki 20.1 installer not connecting with MySQL 8.0.18?

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welcome back David. All I can suggest is check your database password for that user is indeed correct and then check your MySQL/Apache/PHP logs for any errors reported when that fails. Also can you check with older MySQL version (like 5.x)?

Sorry I have no other clues for you.


David Wood wrote:

Hello again, after a multi-year break. I just started trying to get a local tiki set up for my own testing and potential development purposes for another site that may be migrating to tiki (they basically need Wiki+). And I can't get past the database connect screen.

This is a fresh install of MySQL 8.0.18, by the way. No other apps have even accessed this database yet. I verified that the tikiman user with which I intended to admin the tikidev db had setups both on localhost,, and the named local system. I also verified that each of them had access to the tikiman database, and that I could get into the mysqld command line using the tikiman username and password. (The password is not tikiman, by the way.)

And all the installer tells me is that it couldn't connect to the database.

How can I get more information to troubleshoot where the install is going wrong? It seems like the installer is the only thing that can't get into that database with that user.