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Architecture / Installation

Re: EXIF Data in Photo Causing "Internal Server Error" Upon Unload

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I see that this bug is not longer present in Tiki 21.0RC1. Tiki might be handling images differently now, images are no longer rotating properly. I should be able to fix this on the backend.

Jeffrey Frady wrote:

I have resolved my file size limit issues. Now when I try to upload a photo from my DSLR camera to the filesystem using Tiki, I get "Internal Server Error". I have discovered that if I remove the EXIF data from the photo, I have no problems uploading the photo. However, I do not have any problems uploading photos taken with my iPhone with EXIF data.

I'm using Ubuntu, Tiki 20, PHP, MariaDB.

EXIF data, causes Internal Server Error.

No EXIF data, uploads with no problem.