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Re: category jail vs category jail root

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Serio Being wrote:
Can anyone explain the difference between category jail vs category jail root?

Thanks Serio, good question! And i see there's no good documentation that i can find on doc.t.o, which we should fix, on either Perspectives and/or Workspace.

Pref category_jail_root is set in global preferences, and is used as the "container" category for all your per-perspective category_jail categories, and means any categories outside that root category will behave as normal, non-jail categories. So an example might be (using the usual educational example of departments, Physics, Chemistry and Biology):

  • Top Level Category
    • Departments (set as category_jail_root)
      • Physics (set as category_jail in the Physics perspective)
      • Chemistry (set as category_jail in the Chemistry perspective)
      • Biology (set as category_jail in the Biology perspective)
    • School-wide Information
      • Term Times (available to all departments)
      • Help (available to all departments)
      • Contact Info (available to all departments)

Does that help?

Sadly this profile http://profiles.tiki.org/Jailroot_Demonstration doesn't actually seem to use the category_jail_root pref, so not much help there... eek