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Seb wrote:
For the image insertion, I tested different things (I'm using Firefox) and the problem seems to come from the way the PluginImg handles the "Include Image" function in the page: whatever the setting, it seems that it always does it as
{img fileId="#" thumb="box"}
rather than a HTML code such as

Does it mean that Image or File Gallery can't be used in HTML mode or that there are other options to set somewhere? (I didn't find anything)

(Image inserted shows up if I use the "Use Wiki syntax in WYSIWYG" option but then I can't edit these images the way I'd like, through the small window).

It looks like you are still in wiki syntax as you say, the images are using the img wiki plugin, if you click the source button on the wysiwyg tool bar do you see html? If you use the yellow pencil it will convert it to wiki syntax, but then when you go back to wysiwyg mode it should be converted to html.
And as i said i think earlier, you will need to replace the wiki plugin img tool on the toolbar with the CKEditor html image one.

However, after thinking about this for a few days i just think it's a really bad idea and letting users fix images to specific pixel sizes randomly will make a very non-responsive site, but maybe you don't need you site to be usable on phones and tablets?