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Photo description in wiki page?

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Rick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties wrote:

Yes, but there's no built-in syntax for this. You could use the LIST plugin. Something like this:

Sample to show last modification date of a file ID #1
  {pagination max="1"}
  {filter field="object_id" content="1"}
  {filter type="file"}
    {display name="modification_date"}

For the object_id, simply pass the parameter you're using in your pretty tracker that contains the ID of the file that your displaying, instead of content="1".

See the docs for full details on the the List plugin.


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Thanks for your help! I will have to experiment with this to get a full understanding.

If you want to take a look, this is the template page.

The tracker ID is 5, the photographs field ID is 92.

This is an example of the output page.