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Removing Domain Redirect

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you need to edit the record directly in the database (using phpMyAdmin or such). Search for it in the preferences database table (was it tiki-prefs?).


Jonathan wrote:


I have an old wiki that is mostly around for legacy reasons. Its on a server that had an long subdomain of the servers domain used for the wiki (shared hosting) as well as a nicer url that we actually used. I had set-up domain redirects in Tiki.

Unfortunately someone forgot to remove that before re-purposing that domain when this wiki was retired from active use. However we still have some need to access this wiki for the time being.

The domain redirect is obviously preventing us from viewing it, but it also prevents me from accessing the admin page to remove it. The new domain is already being re-purposed and used, so we can't transfer it back. Is there a way to remove this redirect on the back-end? Is it stored in a file or database somewhere I can edit?

As a side note, I think that not applying the redirect to the admin pages (at least by default?) might make sense.