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Features / Usability

A poor decision by the Tiki Admins

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Hi Mike

Sorry you experienced some issues with the Tiki sites, i hope you added bug reports to the wishlist on dev.tiki.org? wink

We have always run the Tiki sites on latest stable (since at least version 2.x) so this is not a new policy. We update them in order of "importance" with dev and tiki.org being switched over last, as in the past occasionally regressions have caused minor (ahem) data loss.

We eat our own dogfood!

In order to avoid frustration and embarrassment on our live sites for several years now we have been running "dogfood versions" of our main sites, such as https://next.tiki.org and https://nextdev.tiki.org where the forthcoming versions can be tested for months ahead of the release, unfortunately no one seems to have time to check these so we do find bugs on the live sites from time to time.

If you can think of any practical ways we can improve this system please let us know, obviously we don't want Tiki to look bad, but also we know of no better way of shaking the bugs out that using the latest version on our own sites to start with.

Hope it wasn't too annoying! mrgreen