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Hi Wouter,
we do not have exact person dedicated as maintainer(s) of the Dutch translation but it would be very nice contribution if you can share your work.

You can also create account on Gitlab and edit the file directly there (without need to set up any development environment locally) using their online Web IDE editor: https://gitlab.com/tikiwiki/tiki/-/tree/22.x/lang/fy-NL
Then just do a Merge Request after saving your changes there and ready to merge.

There is no central list of terms but you can enable Interactive Translation feature and translate directly on the fly in your Tiki. Also see https://translation.tiki.org/Translation

We also have a Transifex account but sadly nobody seems to be using that and merging the translations back to Tiki.



Wouter BEHEYDT wrote:

Can anybody give me a contact for the maintainer(s) of the Dutch translation?

I have a Dutch (actually Flemish but the language is the same) website and noticed that the translation is incomplete, which results in a mix of Dutch and English expressions. So I started modifying and completing the translation file. I'm willing to share my work but prefer not to go through the trouble of getting an account, checking out the source and committing myself.

And now that I'm posting. Is there a central list of terms and sentences to translate? I'm now browsing through all the template files to find the tr-tags but that's not a very efficient way to work.