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Features / Usability

LIST Carousel Formating

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Hi there,

on this site:

I found that:

  {filter field="gallery_id" content="1"}
    {carousel interval="2000" wrap="true" pause="hover" id="mycarousel"}
    {body field="pic" mode="raw"}
    {caption field="caption"}
  {FORMAT(name="pic")}{display format="wikiplugin" name="wikiplugin_img" fileId="object_id" styleimage="width:100%"}{FORMAT}
!!! {display name="title" default="Untitled"}
{display name="description" default=""}{FORMAT}

Is there a little bit more information for that?
In the Plugin carousel is no parameter wrap, pause or id
see here:

Thank you


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Hi Bob (is that Bob as in BobShop? I really intend to try that sometime, just never gets to the top of my list ;)

That plugin carousel uses a totally different carousel package called infinitecarousel3, which looks like it's abandoned. The list plugin carousel uses bootstrap's built in one so should be with us for a while longer.

Probably the "best in breed" carousel type things in Tiki currently are either PluginSlider or H5P's Impressive Presentation if you're in Tiki 22.x (fixes still to come for that in 21.x)

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Hi Jonny,

I just sent the merge request. The only method I found, was to send a email with the request!?

I the Merge Requests section on GitLab my request is not shown after about 15 minutes. I have no idea if I have to do anything else. It's a little bit confusing at the moment for me.

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Hi Bob from BobShop!

Do you have a gitlab account? (if not you can use a GitHub etc to log in).

How about doing a Merge Request for this? I think you start here: https://gitlab.com/tikiwiki/tiki/-/merge_requests

It would be great to get you contributing more directly to Tiki, we need people like you! mrgreen (if that's not possible i'll try and do it for you, of course ;)

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Some funny stuff happens here - I changed my last post by posting a new post!

When I send the merge request per mail, I get this back:
Unfortunately, your email message to GitLab could not be processed.
You are not allowed to perform this action. If you believe this is in error, contact a staff member.

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Hi Bob

Sounds odd, but not impossible ;)

I don't know about merge requests via email, sounds weird... maybe you have to make a clone of tiki to make an MR from first? Personally i've never got the hang of them, so not sure i can help more, maybe we can get a proper git export here to help?

I presume you read https://dev.tiki.org/Git-Workflow which supposedly is the "how to" page?

Also, it would be good if you joined the dev mailing list here, which is where most developer discussion happens, often about how to make git work! mrgreen

Thanks for trying!

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Hi Jonny,

after a hard way I did a merge-request!

I hope everthing went right - I merged to "master". Now the pipline is running - whatever this means ...

My username there is "romoxi".

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Hi Bob

Yes, i saw that and guessed it was you cool

As you'll see in my comments we need unix linefeeds in tiki, so if you can commit a quick reformat on that i'll merge it in mrgreen

Thanks for persevering!