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Architecture / Installation

Migration of trac users to tiki

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Sorry, i don't know what trac is, and i'm afraid i don't have time to investigate properly....

Markus Beckschulte wrote:
PS: I want the users to change their passwords afterwards, since MD5 is not the state of the art anymore. But there is no possibility to contact them all first.

Can't you just set all the users to need to change their passwords when they next log in? Hmm, looks like you can only really do that if you reset their password at the same time... and so would need to share that new password with them... this happens in \UsersLib::change_user_password

Can you not just get them to reset their passwords (via a link to their email)? I guess not rolleyes

The only other thing i can think of is you add some code (locally) in \UsersLib::validate_user_tiki when their password fails, to check if their password matches using MD5, and then trigger the "must change password" code if so...

Tricky one! HTH