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Features / Usability

How to use "Contact us" feature? Activated - and now?

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Well done FootlooseTraveller, i guess some improvements (or a new version of) the contact form profile seem to be needed :-)

FootlooseTraveller wrote:
Voilà - it works as expected! But only if logged in as an admin. If I try as anonymous, on the confirmation page I get an error "You don't have permission to edit an Item" (Translated from german error message). The Item gets added. Then I don't want wo edit it, I just want to view my own item. If I don't have permission to view other items, this prevents the exploit that can show other items when you enter the itemId in the URL manually... or is there another way to prevent this?

There are some settings in Tracker properties => Permissions called "User can see his own items" and "Item creator can modify his items" but these depend on having a UserSelector field which "claims" ownership of the items a user creates... however this is tricky for anonymous users. I think there's a way of doing from the user's IP, but that's never going to be 100% reliable.

Ah, just read your post again, you don't want them to edit right? Normally you would just send them to a different "thank you" page, but i guess you could use the {PARAM} plugin to only add the {TRACKER} plugin if itemId is not present on the URL...

Does that get you to the next step? Hope so!