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How to use "Contact us" feature? Activated - and now?

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FootlooseTraveller wrote:
I have an idea how to solve the issue that anyone can guess an itemId and get older messages to show up: After showing that the answer is successfully sent, I would like to just delete the item. At this moment, it is not needed anymore. I am completely satisfied to have the email sent to me.

Hi FLT 😬

As you say you could use a {LISTEXECUTE} plugin with a cron job to remove the items, but usually i find they are a good backup and don't take up much space.

You can (and should) set the permissions on that tracker so Anonymous (or whoever) can create items only, keeping tiki_p_view_trackers for admins only, and then use the "User can see his own items" option with an owner user field if suitable.