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Features / Usability

Using and handling images and their metadata

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Hi FootlooseTraveller again

It sounds like the initial issue you have is the setup script can't find a command line PHP executable to run:
> no php in (/usr/local/sbin... etc

What happens if you run php -v? It should give you the version of the php your shell can access...

However, it sounds like this isn't the right route for you, you're trying to set up the development version of Tiki rather than an installable build, so i'd suggest you get a "daily build tarball" from https://dev.tiki.org/Daily-Build and try that. It will have all the vendor dependencies built in for you so you just need to copy the files to your server and unpack the archive in your (test) web document root. Then set it up as usual via tiki-install.php in the browser (but using a copy of your database i would suggest).

Hope that helps, you might find it easier to chat in our gitter chatroom, here https://gitter.im/tiki-org/community