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Re: Re: Re: text color in matrix theme

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> Damian:
> > avgasse:
> > Ok, so it's not Tiki that is flawed, its' just Internet Explorer 6 that does a bad interpretation of the CSS.
> > It looks just fine in Opera (Windows) and almost good in Konqueror (Linux).
> > I'll see if I can fix it myself, I'll keep the forum informed.
> Tiki development by the handful of very active developers is all done on Linux flavour. Windows is shite and isnt worth the disc space on my hardware at the moment. Besides Internet Explorer doesnt follow the web standards correctly, so if you feel like a challenge, your more than welcome. Personally Id say Mozilla :-)

  • If, according to AWStats, more than 95% of my visitors use some version of Internet Explorer on any of the Windows versions, I'd damn better support them! Those numbers seem only logical to me: the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few (or the one). I will not be tricked into a pointless OS-bashing flame war, ever. I'm very pragmatic when it comes to information technology: I use the tools best suited for the job. I leave the philosophy to the philosophers. (by the way: I'm running Apache on Mandrake 10 for the webserver, and I have another machine with WinXP for Simcity and Railroad Tycoon)

  • As far as I know, none of the major browsers follow the web standards 100% the same. And even in following the standards, there is room for interpretation, if I read the specs from W3C correctly.

  • Like I said, I'll try and patch the problem for IE, without breaking it for other browsers, and if anyone is interested, I'll post the solution here.

  • On the side: on my system, the colors become inverted as soon as I start Mozilla. I close Mozilla, and the colors ar back to normal. This is the only program that gives me this problem. So the most logical conclusion is...