Book wiki-plugin

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I would to suggest you a new Wiki-plugin for TikiWiki.

The idea is to query the book ISBN (a book identifier code) on Amazon.com and to show on a TikiWiki wiki page, through the wiki-plugin, the book's data (author, tile, printer, review, etc..).

Handling Amazon.com xml data, the plugin would work in Usa, Aus, Nz, Uk, Germany and the other countries where you have an Amazon localized site.

I'm not a coder, but the most of work probably is done: the DLP (Distributed Library Project) project where I'm inside, already developped GPLed php/perl scripts to retrieve data from Amazon.com. For Italy, where Amazon doesnt exist, a friend of mine wrote a GPLed perl script to access ISBN data from ICCU (Italian Public Libraries' System) site. I think you only need to adapt these scripts to TikiWiki. Anyone? biggrin


PS I also registered a project (to be approved) on Mods.tw.o.