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Combination of Side & Top Menus

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I am building a site for my math classes. I am using version 3.1 and Andreas 09 for the theme.

The top menu bar has the various classes I teach (algebra, geometry, contest, etc). I would like the side menu to change for each different class. In other words, when a student selects algebra on the top menu, I want the side menu to be only algebra-related pages.

Also, I do not want this to be reliant on group permissions. I want it to be available to everyone (anonymous). I have all the menus built. But I have yet to find anything in the docs or on this forum to do this.

I would appreciate all help and guidance.

Don Simmons

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Hi Don Simmons, and welcome to Tikiwiki community! smile

You might be interested in having a look to Mod AulaWiki and their workspaces feature, for tiki 2.x. Aulawiki comes with the workspaces_my module, which acts as a dynamic menus generator for each workspace you are at. I.e.: when you are at class (Workspace) Algebra, the links in the menu get updated to show only the ones for that class (workspace).
See the documentation (in pdf and in several langs) here: Mod AulaWiki

However, I haven't tried for anonymous... that should work, anyway, as far as I know.

Alternatively, you can try adding some custom code to the modules containing your menus, so that each module is shown when the categoryId variable (whichever it is) is equial to X, in that case. I mean in a similar way to what is explain for multilingual modules:

Finally, join us at http://edu.tikiwiki.org ! wink

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the info on AulaWiki. It seems as though I have to "go back in time" to TW version 1.9 or 2.0 to use it. Am I correct that it does not work with 3.x?

Is there any way I can achieve my goal with categories?

Many thanks!

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You can do this with a bit of customization.

  1. Create a separate menus for each class (algebra, geometry, etc.).
  2. Create a separate category for each class (algebra, geometry, etc.).
  3. Create a user module that uses Smarty syntax and:
  • Checks for the current category ID (from step 2)
  • Displays the appropriate menu (from step 1).
    Something like this:
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    {if $catId eq '1'} {menu id=1} {elseif $catId eq '2'} {menu id=1} {elseif ...} ... {/if}


- Rick | My Tiki Blog | My Tiki UserPage
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don, aulawiki only works well on tiki 2.4. not tiki 3.x sites (has some issues)
And see the nice explanation from Rick :-)

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Rick & Xavi,

Many thanks for your help. I am sorry I did not respond earlier, I am traveling and Internet is not always available.

Rick, I will try your method asap.

Don Simmons

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I'm trying to achieve something similar - i.e. have a list of different subjects on the left side that links to information pages about the subject, and a menu bar that changes for each subject and displays links to a forum and a file gallery for that subject. The same menu bar should then also be shown over the respective forum and gallery.

The idea that Rick suggested seems great to me: The menu's module (or, for that matter, the the top bar custom code) should check for the category (i.e. the subject) and then show the respective link menu.
However, it doesn't work this way for me.

For wikipages, $catId (I also tried $categId) doesn't work, I can only get the category number through $catp...
For forums and file galleries, this way doesn't seem to work at all even though they too have a category.

Do you know an easier way to obtain the category idea from wikipages as well as forums and file galleries in smarty?

Many thanks in advance

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