Youre theme favorite

This question is for Tiki 14 users, but not limited, older version users are welcome to chime in!
What is your favorite generic theme that is included with Tiki?
My favorite is a very simplistic approach, I love the "Tikinewt" theme with the "Shadow" option! It's is no frills, it has a nice soft background, and the shadows around the boxes are cool too. I have tried all the themes in Tiki, and I keep coming back to Tikinewt. My second best would be the Jqui theme with the "Horizons" option.
All the themes are completely cool, but those two I love.
How about anyone else? What is your favorite theme?

In all honesty, I keep going back to Default Bootstrap. It's the only one that doesn't look unprofessional and it's easy to read. I tried your suggestion of tikinewt but find that it makes the font ridiculously small. All of the Jqui options just feel like they are blaring.

FYI, the font size of Tikinewt or any theme can be adjusted by adding a rule like this to the Look & Feel admin page's custom CSS text area:

.form-control { font-size: 15px; }

-- Gary

Since this topic was posted I kind of gravitated to Utopia. I like it, you can see my Utopia theme at http://thepatriotwoodwiki.org/HomePage
I have some of the guys here to thanks for helping me color code the theme to match our community forum website. But so far I have been sticking with Utopia.


Several years ago I made a poll to find out what Tiki theme people liked best and the the results were pretty evenly divided among all the themes. I guess it showed how subjective the choice is - a theme that's "simple and clean" to one person is "boring" to another, etc.

Fairly soon there will be some new themes available for Tiki that will add more variety. We're going to add a "marketplace" at themes.tiki.org and I have a dozen or so themes in the pipeline for that, and hopefully other people will also make some available.

Say it is so Gary!!!!
Is this for real, a marketplace for themes! Oh man, I am all over this, when can we expect the first custom themes to start to roll in?
This is awesome!


I'm glad you're excited about this, John. I'm not sure exactly when everything will come together. There's a chain of events to go through - some initial themes need to be finished up, and I need to finish putting together my own theme design site to host the demos, etc. of the themes that I do. Both of these steps are pretty close to ready. Then themes.t.o will need to be set up for the themes to be listed. Maybe a month or so, I'd say. Hopefully there'll be other contributors also.

-- Gary

Excited is an understatement! We need a market place, where professional themes can be purchased. I am really ready for this, can't wait to see what you come up!

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