help changing page background to a picture


I'd like to change the background in Tiki 15 from a solid color (already experimented with changing the color gradient in line 1080 of the css file, worked fine), to a picture, but no luck. In Tiki 12, it was easy, just uploaded a new file with the same name 'background.jpg' (i.e. replaced file), cleared the cache (Tiki cache and browser) and the new background is immediately visible.

However in Tiki 15 it's much more complicated (the css style sheet ballooned up from 842 lines of code in Tiki 12, to 7667 lines of code (!) in Tiki 15). The simple trick of replacing the 'background.jpg' didn't work. I tried editing the code (line 1080) to:
background: url('greenvalley/images/IMG_20150518_202052.jpg') #D5EDAF;
(plus a few other variations) but this didn't work either (only the fallback color, #D5EDAF, shows).

I must be missing something, the 100x increase in code is probably throwing me off :-)




The theme style sheets since Tiki 13 contain all the Bootstrap layout, grid, and style rules so they're quite a bit bigger than they were before. Sorry about that, but it's the price we're paying for solid responsive design and a CSS framework that's familiar to more people, and so on.

The problem with the background image seems to be the path. If you're adding the CSS rule to the look and feel custom CSS, you can use: "themes/greenvalley/images/IMG_20150518_202052.jpg". If you're editing greenvalley.css, you can use "../images/IMG_20150518_202052.jpg". A path that should always work from any location in the file system is the absolute URL, like "http://www.example.com/themes/greenvalley/images/IMG_20150518_202052.jpg" but a relative URL will work if the path is correct.

-- Gary


Hi Gary,

thanks for the advice, will try a few more variations of the path, I tried many types, nothing seemed to work yet. Also tried putting in 'custom css' in the Look & Feel section, didn't work also. Although it's a sub-domain, I'm guessing as long as the path is good, it should work.

Will keep trying different variations, I'm sure something will eventually work.

p.s. I better keep up or in 10 years, the CSS alone will probably be like 2 billion lines of code :-)