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Features / Usability

is there a way to stream a video on a page?

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OK. So there's that option to insert image but is there one to insert a video? Basicaly, I am creating a number of intro pages, each starting with quite a bit of text and it would be really cool if I could then have a video at the bottom of each - so anyone could simply click and watch directly "on the page" - i.e. without downloading the file or going to another website.

Please help if you can and have a moment to share...

Thank you kindly, as always :-)

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Enable the YouTube or Vimeo plugin and add them to your toolbars or use the IFRAME or HTML plugin to embed the code you copypaste from YT (they both require plugin approval though).

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... looks like it'll take some digging into it :-)

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

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