"Bookmark this Page" as a Button

I've moved the "Bookmark this Page" and "View Bookmarks" to the top-right of each wiki page. Right now, "View Bookmarks" is showing as a button:

a class="btn btn-default " data-role="button" data-inline="true" href="tiki-user_bookmarks.php" View Bookmarks /a
(with all the < and > in the right places, but I can't make it show here with them in place)

but the "Bookmark this Page" is only showing as a link:

{assign var=urlurl value="{$page|sefurl}{$smarty.server.REQUEST_URI|regex_replace:'/^[^\?\&]*/':''|regex_replace:'/(\?page=[^\&]+)/':''}"}{button _script="tiki-user_bookmarks.php" urlname=$page urlurl=$urlurl addurl="Add" _type="link" _text="{tr}Bookmark this Page{/tr}" _auto_args="urlname,urlurl,addurl"}

mostly because I'm not sure how to convert the variable link into an href= to add to the button or how to add the button class to the variable link.




Did you try changing the '_type="link"' to '_type="button"' in templates/tiki-page_bar.tpl?

-- Gary

That was the first thing I thought of. All that happens it when you mouse over the (what remains as a) link is it disappears, since that is the mouseover behavior (to turn white, anyway)

However, what I was missing was a class. Since it's the variable link, I was inputting class wrong. It needed to be added as:
_type="button" _class="btn btn-default"

Thanks Gary. Sometimes I just need to be pointed in the right direction to think about things differently.