Documentation issue

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I'm trying to add Google Analytics. But it isn't mentioned in the documentation where to add my Google Analytics code.


Your help is appreciated.

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I updated the page to say:

Go to Controls Panels > Look & Feel > Customization (tab) and enter you Google Analytics account number in input labeled "Google Analytics account number". Save the form and that's it!


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Hi Lindon,

Thanks. I tried doing this on my site using tiki 14.0, however when I go to Control Panels > Look & Feel > Customization, there is no input field visible.

In other words: from your post, I'm inferring that there should be some input fields visible, but I don't show any input fields at all.

Any ideas on how to solve this?


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Hi Michael,

I think you need to enable "Advanced" in the filters above the page.



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Thanks Luci, that helped!
By selecting the advanced filter, I was able to input my Google Analytics tracking ID.

Google Analytics plugin is now working on my site correctly.

I have updated the wiki to reflect your valuable input: 



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