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PluginConvene in blogs

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Is it possible to insert wiki plugins in a blog post ?
I try to insert a Convene element in a blog post but it seems only to work in Wiki pages.
I can insert the element in a post but i can't add new users and time to the Convene, it's not updated.
any help?

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Hi François:

You can use almost all wiki plugins in any textarea of any of the Tiki Features, except in some rare cases.

As you found out, Convene is one of those rare cases. The way it was implemented requires from a wiki page to keep a history of changes in the convention call.

As a workaround, you can try placing your wiki plugin Convene in a wiki page, and include that wiki page in a blog post with either the PluginInclude or with PluginIframe

And report back with your progress... so that we know for other users asking a similar question...

I did run out of money to pay for extensions in the PluginConvene, and feel free to get a consultant to extend Convene for other cases, or to remove the dependency on wiki pages, etc.

I hope this helps,


P.S: And welcome to the Tiki Community! smile (only 4 posts, as I see)

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By the way, I moved your post from the "PluginR" forum to the general "Features / Usability" forum.

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thanks for answering and welcoming, indeed i'm very new.

I tried to include a wiki page in the blog post with PluginInclude but it's the same result, the Convene is not updated when i change it.

PluginIframe is working but not convenient because it displays all the page with the logo, menu... in the iframe, and not just the Convene.