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tracker field of type 'compare content' or different solution?

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Hello Devs, especially Tracker heroes,

I have a use case where I need to import contact data from an import
(csv update into one tracker) and to compare the content of the fields
with the content of the same fields of an another tracker.

    • The use case:*

We have kind of a CRM software for an association that needs to be used
at least for the next while.
The software is installed on a local server and only two or very few
people have access.
This software cannot be extended or upgraded and not be replaced in near

We have a Tiki that we want to use for certain tasks fulfilled by a
broader team.
Some tasks are for ex. calling local groups by phone and asking them for
updates on local situations and contact data etc.

We have a tracker to track the calls and there the contact data is
linked in from a "local group contact data tracker" automatically, when
choosing the group.

By now the "local group contact data tracker" contains manually edited
contact details.
Changing data there notifies the secretariat, which then udates the data
in the CRM manually.

About 80% of changes of data will be submitted on different occasions by
the functionaries and mebers directly to the secretariat.

  • The problem:*

Our director (secretary general) insists, that we import the contact
data of the individuals from his CRM as CSV file into a "functionaries
contact details tracker" and then automatically link the contact details
into the "local group contact data tracker".

As humans might make faults, we will not know, if the secretariat has
correctly updated all data we submitted by notfication eMails and thus
it could happen, that we overwrite current data (we edited and submitted
previously) with old not-updated data.

The director suggests that I export our tracker and check for
consistency in the Excel file he will provide me and then manually
compare if the secretariat has forgotten to update our submitted changes.

I want to avoid the task of regularly comparing duplicate data and then
manually change the non-duplicate data in the excel files or in the tracker.

I want Tiki trackers helping me with this task, for example by
automatically compare the data between two fields.

I think a field type "compare field content" could help me with that:

  • Ideas:*

A) For every field of my "locally managed contact data tracker" I add a
field with a new type "compare field content" and reference the one
field here with nother analog field there (in the "imported contact data
tracker"). Depending if the content of both fields is identical or not,
(referring to the labelled/visible content), I get an different output,
let's say 'yes' or 'no' or 'matching' or 'not 'matching', whatsoever.

Then I could list the non-matching items with some additional date
filter on a wikipageand manually synchronise.
This likely causes too much overhead, as I had to copare two different

B-) Likely better I do the same in one tracker by using an "object-list"
auto displayed reference from one into the other tracker:

I create a field of type "object-list" in the "locally managed contact
data tracker" for each existing field, referencing to the same reference
number (stored in a third tracker) as the locally managed data uses and
pulling the same fileds content from the "imported contact data tracker".
Note: Each functionary or member has an individual personal number,
which I can store in a reference tracker and use in both contact details
trackers with a field of type "object-link" (dropdown).

Each of these pairs of fields (manually managed data and object-linked
auto displayed imported data) gets a third field of a new type "compare
field content".

Now I could use a Plugin LIST to display only those data items, which
are not matching.
I could figure out by date of last change of the local data items, which
of the version is the most current and then either change in the local
managed tracker or use the link in the field "object-list" to change the
imported data (both simple copy/paste).

I am not daring to consider to let code a bridge or API between the two
apps, cause I the CRM is at the end of it s life span and I believe Tiki
could become an option to fully replace it one day, given the director
(secretary general) and the then elected board know Tiki better, have
more experience with it and thus hav trust in Tiki as a solid CRM tool.

Right now the existing Tiki installation is quite raw - although
technically usable, not fully configured in respect of group/category
permissions and limitation to wiki-only visibility for non-admin users.
Still a lot of work to to to be able to call the website an app.

  • What do you think:*

1. Can such a new field type "compare field content" be a valuable
solution for the problem and could it be valuable for the Tiki core?

2. Do you have other ideas with existing configurable ressources or some
more or less simple (yet solidly stable) JavaScript?

3. In case the opinions lead to the result that a new field would be
needed or made much sense and you are a tracker experienced coder, would
you might to send me a quote for the coding of the field to
torsten at tiki.org (I would need a backport to 15.x_latest at some point,
if any possible)

Best regards,

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