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Using Maps in Tiki15 LTS

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Yes, sure, glad it helped! :-)

Can you please help back providing whatever extra example/s you felt that they were missing in doc.t.o pages (geolocation? PluginMap?...) that you learned from that example that you found in my site?

Bottom line for me: there seems to be a need for more examples using Map features ib profiles. And a basic GeoCMS profile (or similar, showcasing maps of wiki pages, blog posts/articles, tracker items, users) might be welcome by new tiki site admins.

I hope to create something as a estar to keep the ball rolling this summer. If anyone interested to join the profile creation (you will learn how to create profiles, which is always handy for advanced uses in your site - interested in mastering 'Workspaces UI" in advanced mode with yaml code?), please send a message a well coordinate agendas.



On 19 juny de 2016 8:05:50 CEST, jmorris <johnmorris@thepatriotwoodworker.com> wrote:
>Xavi, I hope you don't mind, I logged into your IES site and obtained
>geolocate wiki page map source code and used it. If you are not ok with
>this, please let me know and I'll remove it from our page at
>But I sure like it.
>I am trying to figure out a way to have default center point of the map
>add layers.
>John M.
>Just learning enough Tiki to be dangerous!
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