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Use case, mapping historical event in several places

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I'm setting a voluntary project in my community (Jewish, Muslim and Bedouin) using Tiki.
The idea is to map places/event (history, curiosity, panorama, etc) using trackers.

People from different villages should be able to register and contribute. (they will be notification on admin for new tracker item)

Records will be searchable using:
- Free search
- The village it is attached to (as an item menu of all the villages)
- Freetags (most popular freetags module)
- A timeline (don't pay attention to the design but something like this : http://www.friends.org.uk/fsswosa/history/timeline/timeline.jpg <http://www.friends.org.uk/fsswosa/history/timeline/timeline.jpg>) that display event attached to the date they occurred

I installed ElasticSearch and I believe I will have some challenges with multi-lingual and tracker fields but for now I have an hesitation about the tracker field type to use for the village/location;

Title: text field*
Author: user field* (auto-assign, creator)
Date: date* (yyyy)
Village (list should be displayed/updated in an item menu):
- item link field to another tracker that hold all village list
- category field (village are category)
Location: text field (can it be turn into a child of the above category with a category created upon tracker insert ?)
Desc: text area*
Tags: freetags

Note : I recall I use to have category as menu item in one tiki project under Tiki12 and I tried to past the same module syntax in the item url and it failed.

Some tips about this ?



Bernard Sfez : +972(0)54 756 9030 - me at bsfez.com <mailto:me@bsfez.com>

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